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Posted on March 13, 2012



Last weekend, Sunday morning, about an hour before my boyfriends daughter was about to head home to her mothers she announced it was Dress Up Day in school on Friday and she would need green things and St. Patricks Day themed outfit.  So I flicked through Ravelry but the only mini hat I could find was $4 and I hate buying patterns that are so simple they deserve to be shared with those who want to learn crochet basics.

So I made this up as I went along and here’s the pattern using American Terms

For this I used a 3.5 hook and DK wool, scraps in my boyfriends mother’s stash.  What you want is a tight gauge so simply use what you think is best.

Worked in continual rounds.

 Chain 2

Sc 6 into 2 chain from hook,

2sc into each stitch, = 12

Sc in next st, Sc2 in next st Repeat around. 18sts

c2 in next st Repeat around. 24 sts

Sc2 in next st Repeat around. 30 sts

Sc around = 30

Sc in back loop only =30

Sc 13 rounds give or take, (decide on your desired height for your mini top hat)

Sc into front loop only around 30.

Sc2 in next st Repeat around. 36 sts

Sc2 in next st Repeat around. 42 sts

Sc2 in next st Repeat around. 48 sts

Sc around.

Finish off. Sew in ends.


I popped a circle of cardboard at the top of the hat to keep the shape and stuffed.  Rushed for time I sewed the bottom closed with a circle of felt.  You could simply do another circle of crochet

For the details I did a simple black crochet chain and a few yellow stitches as we were rushed for time.

I then pulled out the glue gun and glued on to a flat top croc teeth hair clip and tadaa.


Then pop it on your fathers head for a giggle!


It would also be cute as an ornament or glued or stitched on to a hair band or ribbon for the day.

It would be cute hanging from a necklace too if done in fingering or thread.

This pattern would also work in black or other colours with some feathers or jewels added as a cute fascinator for a costume or hen party.  I’ll do some mock ups in the future.


Enjoy and Happy St. Patricks Day from Ireland.


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