Wonderland Scarflet

Posted on April 2, 2011



I was inspired to make this to match a pattern for fingerless gloves by on Ravelry: Wonderland Wrist’ees.
I wanted a scarf to match, while remaining in the spirit inwhich the wrist’ees were intended. A scarf befitting Wonderland.

Rather than have a full length scarf I wanted something light and airy for the changeable weather of spring, and most summers here in Ireland. Wanting it to be small enough to slip in my pocket long enough to wear in varying ways, and not so big as too be too hot on cool days.
So came to me the idea of this little creation.

I used the same colours as the original used in the film & for the wrist’ees.


Needles size: 3.25mm

Rowan kidsilk haze in pearl & majestic.

I used less than half a ball of each colour.

Co 48
4 rows garter lighter colour chosen, in this case pearl haze.

For row 5 change to your chosen dark yarn, majestic haze, from now on you will work in st st.
Knit two rows st st in majestic haze.
Knit two rows st st in pearl
Repeat these four rows 44 times.

Knit another two rows st st in majestic

There will be a total of 46 dark stripes. From here you can of course choose to make it longer continuing the pattern.

Once your desired length has been reached knit another four rows garterstich and loosely cast off.

Your finished scarf will roll slightly allowing you to wear pinned flat or tie around your neck as a kerchief. I wear mine as a scarf, kneck bow, hair band, to tie back my hair. It lives in my coat pocket waiting to be usefull.

My own special piece of wonderland! 😉
Hope you enjoy making yours.
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