Leprechaun Millinery

March 13, 2012


Last weekend, Sunday morning, about an hour before my boyfriends daughter was about to head home to her mothers she announced it was Dress Up Day in school on Friday and she would need green things and St. Patricks Day themed outfit.  So I flicked through Ravelry but the only mini hat I could find […]

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Simplicity Itself

April 3, 2011


My mother wanted a plain mohair scarf, I showed her endless patterns and nothing was what she wanted, either too fussy, too thin, too long, too short and so on. In the end I’d started and stopped so many patterns I’d lost some wool to tangles and knots. I gave up and cast on this […]

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Wonderland Scarflet

April 2, 2011


I was inspired to make this to match a pattern for fingerless gloves by on Ravelry: Wonderland Wrist’ees. I wanted a scarf to match, while remaining in the spirit inwhich the wrist’ees were intended. A scarf befitting Wonderland. Rather than have a full length scarf I wanted something light and airy for the changeable weather […]

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Crochet Raspberries

September 4, 2010


Materials: 3mm Crochet Hook Any Double Knit yarn (I used cotton) Pattern: (using UK (us) terms) UK ~:~ US DC ~:~ SC TRB ~:~ DC Ch 5, join, DC (sc) into ring 8 times and join Trb (dc) twice into each st. (16) Trb (dc) once into each st. DO NOT STUFF Draw yarn through […]

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